Snacking tip

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When the “Snack Attack” hits

  • Don’t eat snacks straight from the package.  Prepare your snack in a small bowl and put the package away.  It will be easier to walk away from it when your bowl is empty than it would be to walk away when eating from the package.
  • Snack smart: fruits & veggies.  After your trip to the grocery store cut celery, watermelon, cantaloupe, etc. and place in containers in the fridge so it is easily available, without any fuss when the snack attack hits. Great for the kids too!
  • Eat small bites and chew, chew, chew.  It slows you down and satisfies your belly with smaller amounts.  When we eat fast our fullness does not catch up with us until we have scarfed down more than we should. A great tip for children as well.

Happy Snacking!

Catherine Bares

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