Ditch the bra!

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I bought 2 cami’s my 1st order. Absolutely love the hug, lift and smoothness. During wash day I wore a regular bra and decided real quick to order 2 more cami’s so I didn’t have to wear that push up contraption again. I love, love, love my cami’s. Rule of thumb for Ruby Ribbon is wear1, wash 1, rest 1.

https://www.rubyribbon.com/Pws/KristinThomas/eventstore136273/AM/default.aspx?eid=64302792701382523334727108935 https://www.rubyribbon.com/Pws/KristinThomas/eventstore136273/AM/default.aspx?eid=64302792701382523334727108935

We have a couple more days until we close the show. I cannot say enough about this product. Its awesome!

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