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Visualizing a memory


  • At times it’s empowering
  • At times it’s calming and relaxing

Today, it was calming and relaxing.  It started at the edge of the infinity pool when I closed my eyes and opened my ears.  My thoughts focused on the noise of the water while it was cascading over the edge and crashing down to the pool below.  The sound at the edge drowned out the voices around me.  Then I focused on the breeze blowing up over my back and my shoulders.  I decided to pick a memory that came to mind and invoked the visual of a moment in time.

I am suddenly transported to the beach; Maui, Hawaii.   The waves are rolling in, the water is refreshingly cold, almost shockingly cold which resulted in goosebumps.  The water is clear and vibrant blue.  I see sail surfers jumping waves, and parachute surfers flying sky high after hitting the top of the waves thinking how exciting and brave that must be. I soaked up the moment and cherished the memory.

While enjoying my relaxing, resort retreat at Travaasa, visualizing a memory added another dimension to the accomplished, high level of relaxation already achieved, and also raised the success level of my agenda and goal for this trip.

Give visualizing a try.  Let moments, sounds, and smells trigger memories and thoughts. Ride the wave!

Add that to my list of Been There Done That!

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